The in home consultation and the professional nature of the business.
John Pribonic
I really like my floors I would like update my whole place.I would highly recommend them installer was great Tom and Ron gives excellent advice.
Anthony Assande
Great service! We will definitely use this company again and we'll definitely recommend to friends and family.
Milestone Plumbing
Not scratch other floors on your way to refinish floors. I had a bad experience with this.
Richard Sanborn
Nice quality and variety of choices. Sound and logical suggestions by sales staff. Friendly, prompt and respectful service. Very attentive to the customer’s needs and budget requirements. Installation went smoothly.
Ann Marie Bollas
The owner Tammy Bliss is great! I can't say a negative thing about her or my experience with her. I hesitated writing anything regarding her crew because the main person she deals with was very professional, but one of the members of his team who came to rip out the floor ate all my root beer barrels I had sitting out in a candy jar and was throwing the wrappers on the floor and I heard him reaching into my M&M's as well. Then this same person was carelessly putting the boxes of flooring in the living room near the wall and he did not much care if he hit the wall as he did it. My floor near my french door was rotten so we paused work and the next time the crew came they did not have him along, but the son of the floor company made a couple sarcastic comments......telling another member of the team "watch her walls" in a sarcastic fashion. I had told them about it when it happened. I have some scratches on the floor and Tammy said she would be willing to have someone come out to replace them. I asked her to put it in the contract. Lastly, I still have a piece of floor molding that needs attached. Except for the few scratches the floor looks great and they did a great job. They cleaned everything up beautifully (did not leave any trash). I guess that's why I gave a 5 because overall Tammy and her go to flooring person were very professional and I'm sure they probably told the one particular guy about the items I was not thrilled about after they left.
Amy Macurdy
Michael and the crew were so wonderful to work with as I had to postpone the installation more the once as the house was not ready they worked with us and when it was completed it was absolutely beautiful. Have had many complements on our new flooring.
Glenda Worthington
Large inventory. Quality products. Superb installation
Marilyn Pietrafesa
The tile job in our bathroom looks terrible. The owner initially stated 1) he's proud of the work and then 2) it is common for the tile people to have to come back redo things. We went without access to a tub/shower for 14 days due to the project being started before the materials being present. The tile guy stated he the materials the owner (Paul Deal) purchased are inferior and that is what caused most of the issues we have in our bathroom. I am utterly embarrassed that we had to pay for this. We have done tiling and done a much better job. This will forever be a blight on my marriage as it was my idea to pay to have this job done as opposed to us doing it ourselves. I have contacted the BBB (and provided pictures) as the tile guy confirmed that unless they start anew, there is no way we will ever attain the tile job we were promised.
Heather and Aaron Floden
on time and met all requirements installing the floor.
Cindy (wife) Hanks