Natural stone tile possesses timeless beauty and long-lasting durability. As a backsplash, wall tiling, or flooring, it can be used both to protect and accentuate the aesthetic of your home. At Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we’re proud to bring homeowners across Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL, and surrounding areas a variety of beautiful natural stone tile options.

marble tile in orlando fl


Marble is one of the most distinct and sought-after natural stones. Elegant and unique, marble tile can be used to create a luxurious and elegant retreat in your home. White marble is classic, but you can also choose between a variety of different shades: black, gray, red, and even green.

granite tile flooring in windermere, fl


Durable granite tile could be the perfect option for your kitchen, bathroom, or for a stylish outdoor area. Granite is one of the most durable natural stones available, making it an investment that’s both smart and stylish. The speckled pattern of granite sets it apart from other natural stones and makes it a popular option among homeowners.

slate tile in orlando fl


Slate stone tile possesses natural, rustic beauty. Similar in durability to granite, slate is an excellent option for areas of your home prone to high foot traffic or water exposure. Slate tile is available in shades of gray and brown.

travertine tile in windermere, fl flooring


Unlike most natural stones, travertine tile has a warm, neutral palette. Typically found in shades of pale tan and cream, travertine is ideal for homeowners seeking a bright, warm palette for their home. The appearance of travertine evokes sun-bleached ancient temples.


Sandstone is another natural stone with a warmer palette. The unique patterns of sandstone – subtle waves – make it a beautiful and unique tile option. Sandstone tile can also possess a speckled pattern similar to granite.

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