marble tile flooring in orlando flDurable and elegant, marble has been used for centuries as a long-lasting building material. Bring the luxury of marble tile into your home with the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden! We’re proud to install marble tile as a flooring, backsplash, wall tiling, and more.

Characteristics of Marble

Luxurious and Beautiful

Marble tile has been used in the construction of temples, palaces, and more – and now, it could be in your home. This stunning natural stone is sought-after for its beautiful and distinctive appearance. Consider marble tile in your bathroom to provide a striking, spa-like experience. For a more subtle touch of elegance, consider marble as a backsplash or tiling on your shower wall. Wherever marble is installed, it will bring a touch of timeless elegance.

Natural & Unique

Marble is a natural material, and therefore completely unique. Each marble tile will be completely different, giving you a truly unique addition to your home. The versatility of marble is further enhanced by its variety of colors and grain patterns. Consider white marble for a clean and elegant appearance, or black marble for striking elegance. Marble is also available in shades of red, gray, and green.


Natural stone is an extremely durable and long-lasting material, and marble is no exception. In fact, marble is harder than many natural stone options, including travertine and sandstone. When properly cared for, marble will last a lifetime in your home.


Low-maintenance and durable, marble tile can be kept looking beautiful and pristine with a few simple care tips. Though difficult to break or chip, polished marble can be scratched by sharp debris. Over time, this can dull the surface of your beautiful marble floors. Keep your floors clean by sweeping regularly, and re-polish your marble tiles when they start to look dull.

Avoid cleaning your marble with acidic substances, as they can cause permanent discoloration. Similarly, be careful of acidic spills, such as fruit juice and soda. Stick to cleaners with a neutral or basic pH when cleaning your marble tiles.

marble tile in orlando

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