Homeowners looking for an elegant and bold hardwood floor often opt for walnut. This rich-colored wood lends a maturity and warmth to any space and can last in your home for decades to come. If you are ready to start a new project in your home, the experts here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden can provide samples and estimates for an installation. But first, let’s take a look at the specifics of walnut.


Walnut Hardwood OrlandoA Historical Look at Walnut

There are many different varieties of walnut found around the world. However, American walnut is a popular domestic variety that provides style and durability homeowners love. Walnut has been commonly used for cabinetry for decades because of its easy workability and complementary natural hues. It is an abundant domestic resource that has made it a very affordable wood for a variety of projects around the United States.


Grain and Color

Walnut’s straight grain makes it a fairly uniform looking wood that doesn’t distract from other interior designs. Furthermore, the straight grain means that it is less susceptible to shrinking or warping around moisture. Walnut is a great choice for kitchens where it is likely to experience temperature change and spills. The wood naturally varies from a light brown to dark chocolate in color, which opens up a wide array of choices for you. We can help you find the perfect walnut hue for your existing décor, and walnut can also be easily stained to create an exact color match.


Janka Rating

All hardwood is rated on the Janka hardness scale, which reveals how durable a specific wood variety will be against surface damage. Walnut weighs in at 1010. This means that it can withstand 1,010 pounds of pressure. Fully expect your walnut floors to stand up to everyday foot traffic and activity in your home. As a reference, it is slightly less durable than the most commonly used hardwood, white oak, which has a Janka scale rating of 1360.


Maintaining Walnut

As with all hardwood floors, it’s important to regularly care for your floors to ensure their longevity. Sweep or dry mop daily and clean spills immediately to avoid staining or wearing down the wood or finish. Avoid using a vacuum on your hardwood that has rough brushes, as these could scratch your floors. Lastly, every few years, reapplying the finish will help restore the wood to its original luster and make your home feel refreshed and clean.


If you are ready for a walnut project of your own, give us a call! Floor Coverings International Winter Garden proudly serves the greater Orlando area and offers free in-home design consultations and estimates. Get started today!


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Photo Credit: © Elena Elisseeva