Site finished hardwood, also known as unfinished hardwood, gives you the freedom to customize every aspect of your flooring. Rather than purchasing planks pre-finished, unfinished hardwood floors are installed and then finished on-site. Floor Coverings International Winter Garden is proud to connect Orlando homeowners with both prefinished and site-finished hardwood floors. Is site-finished hardwood right for you?

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Benefits of Site-Finished Hardwood Flooring

Appearance and Uniformity

When hardwood floors are finished on-site, you are guaranteed uniformity between each plank. The color, shine, and stain will be consistent across every plank. The grooves between each plank will also be less pronounced. Site-finished hardwood is also ideal if you have hardwood in other areas of your home that you would like your new hardwood to match.


You have the freedom to choose the exact finish you’d like when you site-finish your flooring. If you have a particular idea about the color and style of your floors, site-finishing can help you achieve your vision. You also have more freedom in the species of wood you choose – many exotic or uncommon woods are difficult to find pre-finished.


Site-finished flooring allows you to specify the exact finish you’d like. You can personalize level of gloss, stylistic finishes such as hand-scraped or wire-brushed, stain, and more. Many homeowners prefer site-finished hardwood flooring because it gives them more control over the finished product. 

Is Site-Finished Flooring Right For Me?

Many homeowners prefer site-finished hardwood flooring because it allows them personalization, a consistent finish, and more varied options. The primary downside of site-finished flooring is the increased amount of time required for installation. Site-finishing your floors is an extra step in installation, and you will also have to wait while the finish dries and sets. If you are willing to invest the time, site-finished hardwood could be a stunning option for your home. 

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