Oak hardwood is one of the most commonly used woods for flooring and construction in the world. Its incredible durability and neutral look make it perfect for a variety of projects ranging from European castles to county farmhouses. Get to know red and white oak hardwood from the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden and learn why it has withstood the test of time to become such a well-loved and cost effective flooring choice.


Oak Hardwood Janka Rating

Oak Hardwood Floors Orlando

All hardwood is measured on the Janka scale to test its hardness and durability. The score correlates to the amount of pressure in pounds it takes to embed a steel ball into a solid piece of wood. On this scale, oak is used as the comparison point for other wood species. While there are other exotic woods that are more durable than oak, it is one of the hardest domestic species used for flooring on the market. Red oak has a score of 1290 and is considered the average durability for hardwood floors. White oak has a score of 1360 and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

Durability is perhaps the most important reason that people have been choosing oak wood for hundreds of years. Properly maintained, oak can last for decades without any major maintenance, as evidenced by the beautiful red and white oak flooring that can be seen in many of the homes built around the late 20th century.


The Look of Oak Wood

Oak has a natural variety of color that matches many different types of traditional decor. Its grain patterns lend a familiar character to flooring that can be quite interesting as well. If you are looking for flooring aesthetic that can serve as the centerpiece to any decor, then oak is definitely a suitable choice for you.


Red Oak hardwood OrlandoWhite Oak vs. Red Oak

Both oak varieties have a beautiful aesthetic that can complement rustic, contemporary, and even rustic interior designs. Red oak has a slightly more unique grain pattern and is famous for the rusty hues found in unstained wood. If you’re looking to bring warmth and natural elegance to a room, red oak is a perfect fit.

White oak, contrary to its name, varies from creamy tan shades to deeper browns. It is arguably more popular because it is more durable and difficult to scratch or warp. In fact, white oak was often used to build ships and barrels because the wood is highly resistant to moisture. White oak is an excellent choice for households with children or pets.


You can’t go wrong with oak hardwood floors. The lasting durability, timeless aesthetic, and natural variety makes it a perfect choice for any Orlando home. Furthermore, both woods stain well and can be modified to fit your existing décor. If you are interested in viewing samples of red and white oak hardwood, or want to learn more about your options for staining, contact the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden. We offer free design consultations to the greater Orlando area. Call us today!



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