Here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we help Orlando homeowners find the best hardwood floors for their homes. Many families in the greater Orlando area choose maple hardwood for its durability and timeless appeal. Learn more from our experts here.


About Maple

maple hardwood Orlando

Maple is one of the stronger domestic hardwood species on the market. With a Janka hardness rating of 1,450, you can rest assured that maple will hold up to a busy household. As a native species of North America, maple is a more sustainable hardwood choice compared to imported varieties, which have a substantial carbon footprint due to shipping. Homeowners are increasingly opting for maple because it is a more sustainable and ethical flooring choice.


Subtle Style

Maple is noted for its muted grain and subtle appearance. Unlike other hardwoods, maple hardwood planks are typically made from the sapwood and not the heartwood. The sapwood generally has an off-white ivory color, with occasional golden and crimson accents. High quality maple will have a dense and even grain with little variation, whereas lower quality may have darker knots or graining. Maple hardwood planks can be stained for a darker appearance or left natural for a minimalist look.

Due to its strength and durability, maple is a fantastic flooring choice for areas of the home with medium to high foot traffic, including entryways, kitchens, hallways, stairways, and even bedrooms. Like other hardwoods, maple will provide added insulation to your home.


maple hardwood OrlanoEasy to Maintain

With regular care and maintenance, you can be assured that this home investment will last for generations. It is important to immediately clean up any liquid spills immediately, as that will prevent long-term warping and staining. Upkeep for maple is easy compared to other hardwood species. We recommend regular vacuuming or sweeping with a soft broom to eliminate the bits of dirt and dust that can lead to scratching.

However, scratches and dents are inevitable over the lifetime of your floor. We typically recommend that you have your floors sanded and refinished once a decade, though this depends on how much wear your hardwood sustains over the years. As this is a laborious process, we don’t suggest you take it on alone. Trust the professionals at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden to help you with this step.


Are you interested in installing maple hardwood flooring in your Orlando home? Your friendly experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden are here to help! Call us today for a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom.


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