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Distinct and elegant, mahogany hardwood could be the perfect option for your Orlando home. With rich red hues and a dark grain pattern, mahogany hardwood exudes luxury. Floor Coverings International Winter Garden is proud to connect Orlando homeowners with mahogany hardwood! Keep reading to learn if mahogany wood floors are right for you.

Characteristics of Mahogany Hardwood

Durable and Long-Lasting

As with most hardwood species, mahogany is a durable and long-lasting flooring option for your home. Properly cared for, mahogany will last decades or longer. Mahogany also has some unique qualities that improve its durability. Mahogany is resistant to fading, which means that the deep red undertones that homeowners love will stay vibrant and distinct for years to come.


Mahogany hardwood will provide an attractive flooring for your home. The reddish hues of mahogany add warmth, while the deep grain pattern offers striking and natural beauty. These unique qualities have given mahogany a reputation for being a luxurious and stunning flooring material. The red tones of mahogany are typically more understated than vibrant cherry hardwood, which will aid in matching your flooring with your home decor.

Low Maintenance

Not only is mahogany durable and visually appealing, it’s also low maintenance. To keep your hardwood floors clean, simply sweep regularly to keep dust and debris from accumulating. Due to its natural resistance to fading, mahogany hardwood will also require less frequent refinishing.

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