When it comes to elegant hardwood, Brazilian cherry provides homeowners with the aesthetic and resilience they need. While it is on the pricier end of hardwood, the quality of the wood and its durability ensure the product will last the lifetime of Orlando homes. At Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we love Brazilian cherry! Let us highlight some of its best features and give you an idea of how to maintain this luxurious lumber.


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Orlando Flooring ColorColor & Grain

Many hardwood shoppers assume that Brazilian cherry is a cousin of the domestic variety, American cherry. However, American cherry is named for the fruit it produces while Brazilian cherry is named for the deep red color of its bark. Hardwood floors are often dark brown in color with bright auburn hues that darken over time. These warm hues complement most aesthetics but, depending on the quality of the wood, can have a fair amount of color variation.


Brazilian cherry is known to have prominent grain markings. Some homeowners argue that this makes it hard to match with existing features and prefer a more uniform profile. However, the graining also provides strong character to the wood and gives a natural feel to the room. We understand it is not for everyone, but the look of a full floor is quite spectacular.


Hardness & Durability

If you are planning to stay in your home for decades to come, it is important to prioritize the durability and hardness of a particular wood. Brazilian cherry earns one of the highest scores on the Janka hardness scale. You can rest assured that this hardwood won’t be acquiring scratches, scuffs, and dents from everyday damage.


It is important to consider environmental conditions before choosing a hardwood. During hot Orlando summer months, we need a floor that will stand up to the effects of humidity. Fortunately, Brazilian cherry is also moisture, insect, and rot resistant! That being said, no wood product is impervious. It is important to apply a protective sealant to the surface of the wood to avoid any damage from extreme pressures.


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Orlando Living Room FlooringCare & Maintenance

To preserve the quality and value of your floors, include sweeping and mopping as part of your regular cleaning schedule. While dirt and dust build up does not harm the wood, it can wear away at the finish and create seams. These seams can then become entry points for liquids or objects that can stain or damage your floors.


If you choose Brazilian cherry for your hardwood at home, ask us about specific products to use or to avoid when cleaning your floors. Lastly, if you choose solid hardwood planks over engineered hardwood, consider refinishing your floors every decade or so to refresh your floors and get rid of any acquired damage.


Brazilian cherry is a beautiful and investment for any Orlando home. To start a reflooring project, contact your local team at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden today! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates and proudly serve the Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL areas.


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