Minimalist and rustic homes alike will love this beautiful hardwood. Birch has a distinctive profile and bright color that complements many aesthetics and existing home features. Here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we understand the benefits and drawbacks to each unique species. Read on to get a better idea of birch from your local experts and learn how to get birch in your Orlando home!


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Birch is known to have a mix of creamy, almost white tones, with golden to light brown streaks. These warm hues brighten up any space and make rooms feel more open and inviting. The color variation comes from using both the heartwood and sapwood, which creates a striking contrast and highlights the natural wood.


To really put the beauty of birch on display, consider wide planks in a large space of your home. If you prefer a more uniform look from your hardwood, planks can be made from just the heartwood or sapwood to maintain consistency of color.



When we talk about birch, it is important to specify which variation. There are three types of birch that give you the same warm look, but all offer different levels of durability. Let’s take a look at each one.


Paper birch: the softest birch has a Janka score of 930 and is fairly soft. It will be forgiving underfoot, but does not stand up to wear and tear very well.


Yellow birch: with the same Janka score as red oak, 1260, you can count on this hardwood to resist damage better than paper birch. This hardwood is well suited for moderately busy households.


Sweet birch: the strongest birch species has a Janka score of 1470 and is considerably strong for a domestic hardwood. Active households with children or pets that experience heavy foot traffic should opt for sweet birch which can resist superficial scratches, stains, and dents from canine claws, dropped toys, or kitchen spills.


Get the look!

Birch is an affordable wood species that is great for home projects. The grain varies from straight to wavy, but doesn’t have any prominent markings. Birch is a great choice to match existing features in your home and for lightening your space. To look at samples and learn more about birch in your Orlando home, contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden. We proudly serve Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL, and beyond. Call us today!


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