Beech Hardwood in OrlandoBeech hardwood is a great flooring choice for Orlando homes looking for a minimalist tone that stands out from the rest. Let us teach you a little bit more about why beech is a great choice for your home in Orlando.



Unstained beech is creamy tan in color with light hues of pink in its grain. These neutral tones create a very minimalist look that still maintains a cozy feel. With flooring trends embracing warmer colors, it’s a good time to jump ahead of the wave and install beech hardwood floors today. Because the rings and grain are so light in color, they blend in and result in a very uniform looking hardwood. This is great for opening up any small spaces and making bold statements in large rooms.



Comparable to the always-popular red oak, the hardness of beech ranks at a 1300 on the Janka scale. It is a very durable hardwood and resistant to most everyday scratches and dents caused by heavy foot traffic, furniture, or pet claws. And because it’s so light, it hides any scratches far better than darker woods, which tend to highlight the color contrast from the scratches. Its durability makes it a great choice for floors that will undergo a lot of stress such as entryways, living rooms, and kitchens. It has even been a popular choice for basketball courts!

But, such is the case with any hardwood, prolonging the lifespan of your floors is as simple as applying a protective seal after installation to keep it safe. Using padding under especially heavy or rough furniture is also a good investment.


More Benefits

Because it is not porous and has the characteristic tight grain, it deals well in rooms that experience moisture. But it is still a hardwood and excess moisture or spills should be cleaned quickly. The protective sealant applied after installation will also help to maintain the quality of the wood if you decide to install it in a kitchen or bathroom where moisture is more likely to be found. Beech has a beautiful aesthetic and would work in many different styles of homes. If you’re going for bold, it has the uniformity that not many hardwoods retain. If you’re looking for cozy, the pink and warm hues will brighten up any room. Beech is as versatile as it is unique, making it a great choice for homes in Orlando.


If you’re interested in beech but need to see it in person, schedule a visit from the Floor Coverings International Winter Garden mobile showroom! We’ll bring samples and expert advice during a free in-home consultation and estimate.


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