orlando hardwood floorsIf you’re considering hardwood for your Winter Garden home, we’re happy to introduce ash hardwood flooring as a bright, beautiful, and durable option. This American hardwood is a favorite for floors, furniture, tools, and more. Learn more about the benefits of ash hardwood flooring from the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden!

Benefits of Ash Hardwood Flooring


Ash hardwood will provide a durable and long-lasting flooring for your home. When properly cared for, ash hardwood floors can last decades or longer. Ash has excellent shock resistance, which makes it difficult to dent or damage. The Janka Hardness Scale puts ash hardwood at a rating of 1320. Woods with a rating between 1000 – 2000 are ideal for flooring: durable, but flexible enough to work with. The light coloring of ash is also an excellent shade for concealing dust and dirt, making it a lower-maintenance hardwood than darker options, such as walnut.

Visually Appealing

Ash hardwood is beautiful and distinctive wood. Its characteristic light shade lends a brightening effect to any room. The minimal grain pattern and light coloring of ash lend perfectly to a minimalist or Scandinavian decor style. The pale color of ash also makes it an ideal hardwood for staining, making it a versatile option for your home.


Ash is a sustainable hardwood: the growth rate of ash forests exceeds the rate at which ash trees are cut down. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your hardwood flooring, ash is an option you can feel good about. The natural origins of ash also mean that fewer chemicals are used during the manufacturing process. 

Ash Hardwood Flooring Options

Ash hardwood is available both as solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Solid ash hardwood is composed entirely of ash. As this classic form of hardwood ages, it can be brought back to brand-new by sanding and refinishing. Engineered ash hardwood is composed of an ash wood top layer and plywood center. Engineered hardwood is more affordable, easier to install, and more water-resistant than solid hardwood. However, it cannot be sanded down.

Engineered hardwood typically comes prefinished, which means that each plank is coated with a finish before it’s installed in your home. Solid hardwood is available both prefinished and unfinished. Unfinished hardwood is installed and then finished on-site. Opting for unfinished hardwood increases the time and cost of installation, but gives you freedom and control to specify the exact finish you’d prefer.

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