Frieze Carpet in Winter GardenFrieze carpet is a popular choice for homes in the greater Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL area. Having evolved from shag, frieze is a practical carpet providing comfort and durability. At Floor Coverings International Winter Garden we want you to be familiar with all your carpet options. Read more below to see if frieze is the right choice for you.

What Is It?

Frieze denotes a style of carpeting classified under cut pile styles. There are two basic style options for carpet: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile carpeting involves looping yarn through the carpet backing and then cutting the yarn to stick up at a certain length. Alternatively, loop pile styles, such as Berber, have continuous weaving and no pile height.

Frieze carpeting has slightly longer pile than plush carpeting. Each individual yarn is twisted a lot causing the yarn to curl at the top. This gives an appearance of shag carpet while having shorter pile.

Benefits of Frieze Carpet

  • Low Maintenance: Due to its curl texture frieze conceals dirt and imperfections well. Weekly vacuuming is still recommended for proper maintenance, but this is a nice feature of the carpeting.
  • Durable: Frieze carpeting is more durable than plush. It is a popular choice for high traffic areas including hallways, living rooms, and family rooms.
  • Conceals Tracks: Frieze carpet conceals vacuum lines and footprints. If the carpet tracks shown in plush carpeting bother you, frieze may be a good alternative.

Downsides of Frieze Carpet

  • Casual Appearance: Frieze brings a casual appearance to rooms. It is not ideal for formal living areas.
  • Spreads Liquid Spills: While frieze conceals dirt and imperfections, it also spreads liquid. If your home has a lot of liquid spills, possibly due to pets or kids, plush or Berber may be better alternatives. Otherwise spills should be cleaned immediately and occasionally scheduling a professional clean is recommended.
  • Less Variety: Because of its longer curled pile, frieze does not offer a lot a variation regarding texture or patterns. However, there are still plenty of colors to choose from, and some frieze carpeting comes with variegated yarn to add more interest.

Your Local Carpet Experts

Give the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden a call today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our design experts are happy to help you find the perfect carpet for your home. We proudly serve the Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL area and bring hundreds of carpet samples in our mobile flooring showroom.

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