Here in Orlando, carpet is overlooked where cooler flooring options such as tile or laminate are preferred. Carpet, however, provides an unbeatable comfort that is great for bedrooms and living rooms. If you are looking for a soft and luxurious addition to your home, contact your local experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden to browse the best options that fit your interior style and the Orlando climate.

Carpet Flooring Orlando

Picking Carpet for Each Room

Start by identifying the high traffic areas of the home like hallways, stairs and common rooms such as the living area. This is where you want to spend a little more to get quality carpet able to withstand the wear and tear.

Cut pile products offer the crush-resistance necessary to hide footprints and other trails that make their way through these high-traffic areas. Berber is another good choice for frequently used rooms and hallways. By design, Berber has thick fibers that last despite the increased traffic.

Think about the geographical location of each room, too. Carpeting that covers space near the door will need to be durable and easy to clean. Carpet near windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight fade after a few years of light coming in through the glass.

Finding the Right Texture

One of the key factors for carpet selection is texture. Berber carpet is a practical choice for Orlando homes, not just because it is durable, but the tight loop construction compliments most contemporary furniture.

Plush carpet is appealing for Floridians, as well, because it adds the look and feel of luxury to the home. Plush is a good choice for bedrooms and areas that don’t see heavy foot traffic but might not be right for living spaces, stairs or hallways.

Frieze is today’s modern shag carpeting and it works well for most rooms but is especially nice under bare feet in bedrooms or other areas where the family relaxes.

Of course, most Orlando homes come equipped with plenty of outdoor living space, too, so don’t forget patio carpet. Outdoor rugs work best. Look for ones that are soft underfoot and durable enough to withstand changes in Florida weather year-round.

To view carpet samples in your own home, schedule a free design consultation with an expert. We have a mobile showroom to bring the floor to your door and make the process of reflooring your home as stress-free as possible. We proudly service the greater Orlando area. Call us today!

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