Orlando HardwoodWalnut is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring in the greater Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL areas because it is elegant and durable. Its rich color and complex grain patterns appeal to homeowners across the world. At Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we are your local Winter Garden and Orlando walnut hardwood experts. Take a look at some of the information below to see if walnut hardwood is the best fit for your home!

Looks of Walnut 

Walnut hardwood generally has a straight grain but is also available in a wavy grain. Walnut is known for its wider grain variety compared to other popular hardwoods. The color of walnut will range from the creamy white of the sapwood to the dark chocolate brown of the heartwood. Often times, walnut flooring is steamed during manufacturing in order to darken the color of the sapwood. Walnut can also take stain, sealant, and polish very well to change up the look of the wood.


Hardwood is a very durable flooring choice. Walnut ranks a 1,010 on the Janka hardness scale. This is in comparison to the least durable Eastern White pine at 420, and the most durable Patagonian rosewood at 3,840. Like all hardwood, walnut can be sanded and refinished several times to keep it looking just like new.


Walnut is a relatively expensive hardwood option but is well worth the cost for the warmth and durability it will bring to your home. Other hardwoods that have a “walnut finish” are also available for homeowners who don’t want to pay the price of real walnut. Laminate and vinyl flooring are also available in walnut looks at a much lower price.

Your Orlando Hardwood Experts

If you’re ready to install beautiful new walnut hardwood in your home, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden a call! We’ll bring our mobile showroom, filled with thousands of samples right to your home. After our trained design associate has helped you select the best flooring option for your home, they’ll provide you with a free proposal and estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva