Modern vinyl floors are well known for being durable and highly water resistant. In recent years, vinyl has also gained popularity as the number one style chameleon in the flooring world. At a fraction of the cost, luxury vinyl products can faithfully recreate the look and even the texture of natural stone and wood flooring options.

The team here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden is especially fond of vinyl plank flooring, which offers the gorgeous look of hardwood flooring, without the pitfalls. Orlando homeowners are choosing vinyl plank floors over traditional hardwood because vinyl is budget-friendly and water resistant. Keep reading to learn more!

luxury vinyl flooring kitchen orlandoWhat is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank is a flooring material that recreates the look of hardwood, and it is commonly found in residential homes. Comprised of three layers, each vinyl plank has a tile backing, a vinyl core, and an overlay that is printed and textured to embody the characteristics of hardwood flooring. As the name suggests, these flooring pieces come in planks instead of square tiles, which completes the hardwood look.

Resists Water

Your vinyl plank flooring is resistant to water, which eliminates much of the worry that comes with hardwood flooring. Vinyl plank floors are sealed with a tough, polyurethane coating so they won’t warp, bend, or discolor when exposed to liquid.

Easy to Clean

Great news: your vinyl plank floors are super easy to clean. Just sweep and use a damp mop! Unlike hardwood, which requires sanding and refinishing to stay looking great, the vinyl plank will last for upwards of 10 years in your home without any big upkeep projects.

Great for Any Room

Because vinyl plank flooring stands up to water, you can install this material in bathrooms and kitchens.

Some water-resistant materials, like ceramic tile, are too hard and too cold for many rooms in the home. Not so with vinyl plank, which is great for bedrooms and living rooms.

Bonus: the hardwood look offers a neutral base that is perfect for any décor scheme.

Your Dream Floors Are Waiting

To learn more about your flooring options, contact the team at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden today. We’re happy to bring the flooring samples straight to your home with our mobile showroom—book your free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL and the surrounding area.

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