winter garden outdoor living spaces

Some Orlando homeowners prefer keeping to the comforts of the indoor realm, and that’s okay! To each their own, but a living space can certainly extend to the outside without lacking for comfort. At Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, we believe that optimization can be found in the outdoor living space that mixes nature with human design.

If you are intrigued by the quaint beauty of an outdoor deck area, or a combination summer garden/social hub of your very own, then this guide is for you. Explore our listed options for the creation of an outdoor living space that is all your own.

The Centerpiece

Key in any outdoor living space is a main point at which the whole arrangement comes together. Build off of a single element, like a large table. If your backyard already features anything like a pond or a gazebo, this is a great place to start.

A centerpiece gives visual attention somewhere to rest while all of your other furniture or set pieces provide support for the main item. A fire pit makes for an excellent centerpiece, and it can be surrounded by stone flooring to catch stray embers and provide a sense of high quality.

winter garden outdoor living spaces

Outdoor Floors

Outdoor living spaces benefit hugely from various types of flooring. Wood decks are great as a way to survey the grandeur of your outdoor kingdom. Or if your yard contains enough beautiful vegetation, a stone walkway creates a sense of wonder and charm as it winds beneath the foliage.

Walkways of this nature help to create traffic patterns, guiding the flow of your outdoor living space and imparting a sense of calm for owners and visitors alike. The walkway is at its best when girded by something that looms over it, like trees or flower pots.

Waterproof area rugs are another option in outdoor flooring. They can create little miniature hubs of activity outdoors when used beneath a set of chairs or a table. Creatively place area rugs in your outdoor living space and create a series of stations for social gatherings in spring and summer.

Take it Outside!

Let the pros at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden help make your home-building dreams come true. Whether you want to transform a living space inside or outside, we have the materials, expertise, and dedication to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation in Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL, or surrounding areas.

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