Is remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in your near future? If you’re like many homeowners, selecting a stylish backsplash for your new space might be a priority. Besides protecting your walls from spills and other mishaps, a backsplash can add color, texture, and edginess to the most important rooms in your home. If you’re ready to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, consider the following hottest trends in tile backsplashes in Orlando.

Glass tile backsplash OrlandoGlass

Homeowners looking for a modern twist to their ordinary space should consider glass tile. These iridescent additions to your space can create subtle changes throughout the day as light hits them in different ways. Colored glass can add a beautiful hue to your kitchen or bathroom, yet won’t be too distracting. One great option with this style is to use recycled glass to Go Green in your home.


The most common tiling material is ceramic. These materials are incredibly versatile, customizable, and affordable. Furthermore, they are waterproof, which makes bathroom and kitchen hygiene and cleanup incredibly simple. In the kitchen, it’s a good practice to wipe down countertops after cooking to make sure no food particles are left behind to build up odor or mold. Bathroom tiles should be cleaned at minimum once every other week, perhaps even more frequently in bathrooms with poor ventilation. The biggest benefit of ceramic is that they can be crafted in any color, shape, or texture you could want, making it an incredibly unique opportunity for your interior design. Some ceramic tiles can even mimic the intricate look of natural stone and hardwood for a truly elegant aesthetic, while still being just as affordable and easy to clean as classic subway tile.

Stone tile backsplashes OrlandoMarble

If you are looking for an earthy addition to your kitchen or bathroom, natural stone tiles are a great choice. Many homeowners love the timeless and elegant look of marble. Marble tiles can also be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to perfectly match the existing or desired aesthetic in your home. Learn more about the different shades, grades, and finishes of marble tile at a design consultation with one of our experts here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden.

Quartzite Sandstone

Do you absolutely adore the look of a stacked stone fireplace? Recreate it in a kitchen or bathroom backsplash with quartzite sandstone! This natural material possess a textured, rustic appearance, but is available in pieces that apply to your wall exactly like tile. Therefore, you can utilize it for a backsplash even if you have plaster or sheetrock walls.

Installing a backsplash can instantly update and add the wow factor to a kitchen or bathroom. If you need to select the perfect tile backsplash for your Orlando kitchen or bathroom soon, consider one these stylish options. Call us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation and price estimate in the greater Orlando area!

Photo Credits: © David Papazian, © John Wollwerth