Yes, we made a bad joke. But here in Winter Garden, we love seeing the leaves change color and have taken the changing seasons as an opportunity to give our customers some tips on incorporating the color orange into their home décor.

Orange is great in the fall paired with textures and dark neutrals and earthy tones like brown and grey. This will help to keep a room mellow especially with a warm orange. If you want to warm up a room, choose a warm orange, with tones of yellow or gold in it.

If you want a more energizing space, that reminds you of spring or summer, consider pairing a bright tangerine wall of orange with an opposing color like blue or another bright color like red. These color combinations are not for the faint of heart, so only do this if you’re ready for a very big statement.

If you are not fond of a whole wall of orange consider a simple stripe against a white or other neutral-colored wall. Or consider incorporating orange into a kitchen backsplash. Using it as an accent is a great way to ease into using the bright color.

If you prefer keeping your walls plain, furniture and accessories would be the way to go to incorporate this color into any room. A bright orange sofa would be quite the statement in an otherwise neutral living room. Go with a blanket or pillows if you only want the color around for one season. For the dining room consider white plates with an orange border or even a bold orange napkin. Lighting and storage units are a unique way to bring the color into your space while also being very functional.

While orange floors are a bit out there, an orange wall can really draw out the orange tones in a wood floor or tile. If you do want an orange floor, carpets, tiles, and woods can be customized to fit your needs. A unique rug can help to protect your floors while also bringing this color into your home. Rugs are a great option as they can be swapped out with changing seasons and trends. They’re a great way to test the waters before committing to using orange on a larger scale in your home.

Here at Floor Coverings International in Winter Garden, we understand that not everyone may find orange as thrilling as the changing seasons, but we hope this post was helpful for those looking to try their luck with the color.