Hardwood is a timeless and classic flooring option for any Orlando home. With a number of customizable add-ons and design options, you can add a little extra spice and personality to your space. However you decide to customize your home, Floor Coverings International Winter Garden can help you with all of your flooring needs. Come learn a little more about inlays, random width planks, and parquet!

How to Customize Your Hardwood Floors Floor Coverings International Winter GardenInlays

Inlays and medallions are a fun way to add some detailing to your hardwood. With so many patterns, symbols, borders, and other design elements available, you have the opportunity to tailor your wood floors to fit your unique space. If you are looking to install inlays or medallions, be sure to talk to an expert at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden so that they can advise you as to what types of hardwood flooring can accommodate these types of accents.

Random Width Planks

Many Orlando homeowners choose to have their hardwood installed in a series of random width planks. As opposed to wood flooring with planks that are all the same size, this type of design can create more visual interest in your space. This style of wood flooring also tends to look more organic and less formally planned than wood flooring installed by another method. Random width planks can be used subtly by choosing a wood flooring that is one cohesive color, or you can select planks in multiple colors to emphasize the effect of the variously sized boards.

How to Customize Your Hardwood Floors Floor Coverings International Winter Garden


Fitting together boards of various shapes and sizes into a diverse series of patterns, parquet is another great way to add some more personality to your wood flooring. One of the most popular parquet patterns used today is the herringbone pattern. This style takes rectangular boards and fits them together into an arrow shape that creates a zigzag effect. Similar to herringbone, chevron is also a well-known and well-utilized wood-flooring pattern that will create movement in your space and make it feel more dynamic. As with random width planks, you can choose woods in different colors and finishes to highlight the patterning of your floor. 

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We would love to help you design the home of your dreams! If you are curious about other ways to customize your hardwood flooring, then give Floor Coverings International Winter Garden a call. We provide free, in-home design consultations to residents in the Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL, and surrounding area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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