The holidays are just around the corner; get going by infusing some holiday charm into your home with these tips.

First decide which route you want to go down. Would you prefer more subtle touches of the holidays, or are you more comfortable with sparkle and glitter galore for a huge visual impact? Neither option is better than the other, just different for whatever your design style may be.


Let’s take a look at the more subtle options first. The subtle option bypasses a lot of the reflective surfaces that the holidays might be known for and replaces that with more organic textures. So think about felts, twines, and linens. Instead of using a metal or plastic ornament hanger for your tree consider using twine for a more organic feeling. Fight the norm and opt for a tree without lights. There are some trees that come pre-sprayed with fake snow along the tips of the branches. If you have a live tree, you can find spray snow so you can create a similar look. If you are looking for some shine, consider plain, clear ornaments rather than ones coated with a metallic coating. Look for candle holders that have raised edges, like a pinecone, rather than a smooth glass finish.


For centerpieces, create little baskets filled with fruits and sprigs of holly rather than a hurricane vase filled with ornaments. You can even keep your wreaths plain; just be sure to choose a wide ribbon in a fun print like a plaid or something a little bit more decorative in a fun metallic color.


Going subtle is also about editing. You don’t have to have every square inch of your home outfitted in some way to go with the holidays. Just choose a couple of choice areas that you want to see more festive and do those areas only.


If you’re more interested in creating a lush, dramatic, and full-on experience these tips are for you. The main rule to follow is balance. There are plenty of ways where your home could tip towards the gaudy side of things. One thing to avoid this is to consider a color palette. Many ornament kits have a pre-determined set. While a certain set of purple, blue, and green could look great for a modern twist, adding all the colors of the rainbow could make your home look like a circus act. Try to mix in textures that are more matte than reflective so there isn’t a complete set of twinkling and sparkling objects hitting your eyes every night. Matte textures are great to balance out the shiny objects and will still look great in the day time. Rather than buying a completely new set of accessories, consider spray painting what you have in a metallic finish to add the shine yourself.


Feel free to share your holiday decorating tips, and this post if you found it helpful. Contact Floor Coverings International of Winter Garden today for all your flooring needs!