The consistent warm weather we have in Orlando is one of the main reasons many of us live here. However, the heat waves and high humidity we experience can not only make your home uncomfortably warm, but also can also potentially do long-term damage to your flooring. Even with air conditioning, sometimes it can be unbearable. Have you ever considered how your floor could contribute to the temperature of your home? Here at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden we have solutions that will keep your home cool and maintain the integrity of your floors. If you are building or renovating your home, consider these three cooling flooring styles.

Orlando cooling flooring style

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain tile is very resistant to water, with an incredibly low absorption rate. Ceramic is similarly impermeable to water. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both naturally cool to the touch, making them ideal for the warmer climate found in Orlando. Both tiles are very easy to clean with a simple mop, although special attention needs to be paid to the grout between the tiles. Taking the extra step of adding a sealant to the grout can save time and protect the look of your floor. These tiles come in a variety of colors that can give a vibrant boost to your home.


Vinyl, especially new luxury vinyl styles, is an optimal flooring choice that shields against the potential buckling that can occur in warm and humid areas. Vinyl is waterproof and accessible in different varieties to fit your home and budget ranging from tiles and planks to vinyl sheets. We offer a variety of chic vinyl designs that mimic the most expensive hardwoods at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl also stays cooler than other synthetic flooring options and maintains its color when exposed high amounts of sun and heat.

Slate Tile

Slate is remarkably durable and tough, lasting for years if you treat it with care. Slate naturally feels cool underfoot, providing an advantageous solution to keep your home comfortable during heat spells. Darker shades of slate will provide a cooling effect to your home as well. Slate tiles are easy to take care of and can be quickly cleaned with a wet mop or sponge. Humidity and moisture is no match for slate tiles and they remain a reliable and cooling flooring solution for years to come.

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Photo credit: ©Adisa