It can be hard enough deciding on the flooring for your own home, but picking out the flooring for your Orlando office can sometimes present an even greater challenge. Offices tend to see a higher volume of foot traffic, and the 9 to 5 grind can quickly wear away at certain types of flooring. That’s why commercial vinyl flooring, provided by Floor Coverings International Winter Garden, is such a great option for your Orlando office space. Not only is vinyl extremely durable, it’s also easy to clean and inexpensive to purchase and install.

Benefits of Vinyl

Vinyl is able to mimic a large number of materials, making it easy to match a plethora of office décors, colors, and styles. One of the most popular options for offices is vinyl plank flooring, which imitates both the texture and look of wood. This inexpensive alternative to hardwoods allows for offices to enjoy the professional aesthetic of wood flooring at a lower cost and lower level of maintenance.

Besides plank flooring, vinyl is also available as vinyl tile flooring and sheet vinyl. Similar to the way vinyl can mimic wood, it can also imitate natural stone with vinyl tile flooring. This option provides all the allure of slate, granite, and marble withCommercial Vinyl Flooring for Your Orlando Office Floor Coverings International Winter Garden the added ease of installation and the ability to easily replace tiles in the future. And, since vinyl tile flooring provides a softer cushion to walk on than the harder texture of most natural stones, your employees will be sure to thank you!

Finally, sheet vinyl is useful if you want to decrease the amount floor seams in your office. While vinyl plank and tile flooring allow for greater customization since each plank or tile can be individually laid out, sheet vinyl is usually installed as a few large sheets. This may impact the overlook look you are aiming to achieve, but it will also make maintenance much easier. Fewer seams or grouts means less tricky cleaning routines to keep your vinyl in the best possible condition. Lastly, it also minimizes the possible potential damage from heavy foot traffic when the surface is more uniform.

Whether you’re interested in vinyl plank flooring, vinyl tile flooring, or sheet vinyl, all three provide an easy to clean surface and are extremely durable. Also, unlike other flooring materials, vinyl won’t expand or contract in reaction to fluctuating humidity levels. This resilient material makes it a great option for the humid environment of many Orlando offices and the perfect choice for busy company floors.

Ready to Get Started?

This versatile material is a great option for anyone in the Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL, or surrounding areas looking to give their office a much-needed update. Our experts are here to help you choose the perfect commercial vinyl flooring for your Orlando office. Give us a call today to set up your free in-home design consultation!

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