Winter Garden art flooringWhile flooring may not initially be thought of as an art form, few can deny the fact that flooring can be extremely personal and can set the tone of a home. While we may not be artists, at Floor Coverings International of Winter Garden, FL we take pride in providing the best flooring products and installing them to beautify your home. Here are just three examples of flooring materials being used in creative ways that challenge the traditional concept of what flooring is and what it should be.

Islamic Carpets

Textile makingĀ and especially carpet weaving have been around for centuries. They were often signs of wealth, power, and status. Often too treasured to be used just as a floor covering, they were used as tapestries or to cover pieces of furniture. They often feature similar motifs of rosettes and flowers, or even tell a story.

Carpets from the East, such as the Persian Empire, became a main trading material with travelers from the West and were highly collected by royal families not only in Europe but fostered by dynasties like the Ottomans and Mughals. They even made appearances in works of art (particularly paintings) of the time by artists such as Holbein, Vermeer, and many others.

Today, fine rugs are still created and offer a classic beauty to your floors.

Elisa Strozyk
Click HERE, to find out more about her work.

As featured in The Wall Street Journal, Strozyk uses a unique manufacturing method to create pieces that challenge the traditional approach to materials. She creates beautiful and elaborate rugs made using wood on a fabric backing which gives her rugs and table coverings a geometrical, unique shape, yet softness as it can also be used as a blanket.

She has branched out to different pieces such as lamps, tables, even collaborating to create functional pieces in fashion. She has also started to experiment with ceramics and hopes to incorporate glass. What a creative idea to create a hybrid of both carpet and wood!

Fritz Haeg

Fritz Haeg has used materials to create floor coverings that help to build community. Of note would be experiments with handmade rugs that invite collaboration and a sense of casualness that is not often felt with regular viewers in museums. These rugs can even be contrasted against the more formal of Persian or Islamic carpets mentioned above.

The most recent exhibition of these rugs was in the fifth American edition of his work where donated fabrics and clothing where made into strips and hand crocheted to create large, circular, rugs. The artist would be present at the site and interacted with those adding to the rug, and to participate in community events whether it was yoga, or just inviting them to use the space. In addition, objects from that city or community were used which helped to differentiate yet also assimilate other cities from around the world.

To find out more about the Walker edition of the rug click HERE. And to find out more about Haeg, click HERE. To learn how you can create a similar piece yourself and some art historical background, this video HERE is a good starting place.

Flooring has to be used creatively no matter the scope of a project, and careful considerations must be made to give a home the best functionality and beauty. We hope you enjoyed seeing just a few ways that flooring can even be made and shown with artistic merit. Call Floor Coverings International Winter Garden today so we can help you create custom and artistic solutions to your flooring needs!

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan