Winter Garden oak floor

Finalizing your hardwood flooring choice is difficult for a variety of reasons; mainly because there are so many! You have to choose between a solid, engineered, or laminate, then you have to choose the species you want, and then the stain. In this post you’ve decided on the first step, so we hope this will help you choose the species you want. The first species we will be highlighting is oak.

Oak is mainly found in the northern hemisphere and is part of the Quercus genus. With a variety of species, over 600, it comes as no surprise that there is an oak floor possibility for any design you want to create in your home. One reason they are chosen is due to their Janka hardness factor. A higher Janka hardness means that the wood will be less susceptible to damage and dents. While they might not be the hardest of the wood species, they aren’t the softest either. A white oak is considered harder on average than a red oak.

Oak wood is used in a variety of ways. They are common materials in the barrels that hold and age whiskeys, brandies, and wine. Sometimes they are even smoked to give a distinctive flavor to the alcohol.

The two main groups of oak are red and white. Within these groups, there are so many different species that might make it difficult to narrow it down. However, the two groups do have some differences. For example, a white oak is more resistant to water than a red oak and has often been used in boat making. If you want a unique feature in your home, try incorporating a white oak in your bathroom.

Red oak has often been used in furniture and is known for its more unruly knots and grain. In addition, red oak is a great choice if you have a traditional design as it is often chosen for its timeless and classic looks. In general, a red oak features a more pink or red undertone while a white oak is more likely to have a golden or gray undertone.

Both woods can be stained for even more personalization to fit any design, although it is generally easier to stain a white oak than a red.

Whether you know the exact species of oak floor you want, or are just starting your flooring project, Floor Coverings International of Winter Garden is here to help you by bringing the showroom to you! Now serving the greater Orlando, Florida area.

Photo by Iriana Shiyan/ Shutterstock. ©Iriana Shiyan.