Here in Orlando, we love tile. Tiles keep us cool in the hot summer months, resist moisture damage, and are durable enough for our busy lifestyles. Many homeowners choose classics like ceramic or porcelain; but if you really want to make a statement, choose stone. Stone tile flooring lends an elegant and natural aesthetic to any home. Read on to learn about Floor Coverings International Winter Garden‘s favorite stone options!


Travertine Tile Orlando FlooringTravertine

Homes looking for a soft, neutral toned tile will fall in love with travertine. This stone has a distinctive, weathered look with warm hues that range from ivory, to golden tan, and even rusty red. Travertine is a textured stone with holes and fissures. If you want a smoother feel, it is possible to fill the holes, which renders the stone practically waterproof, but it can become slippery. Honed or natural travertine is a great option for poolside tile because it absorbs water instead of keeping it at the surface, preventing any slips and falls. Travertine is weather resistant and can stand up to extreme temperatures as well as excessive moisture without becoming damaged.



Marble Tile Orlando FlooringMarble

Marble is a stunning and luxurious stone that is commonly used for countertops and art pieces in Orlando homes. But did you know it makes an excellent flooring material as well? While more susceptible to scratching than granite, it has a softer feel that will keep you more comfortable underfoot. However, be sure to adhere protective pads underneath the feet of furniture that could scratch your floors. Marble is cold to the touch, which is great when temperatures peak in the summer, but it also transmits heat extremely well and is an excellent option for radiant heating. Marble is seen in all different colors but is characterized by a beautiful translucency and prominent veining that give it a very whimsical and unique look.


Granite Tile Orlando FlooringGranite

Granite is an incredibly versatile stone that comes in a wide variety of textures and colors. Depending on the granite quarry, different minerals will alter the profile of the stone. Colors range from creamy tans to gloomy grey. With its uneven surface, granite often has a more rustic look than marble. Granite is one of the hardest stone materials that is used for flooring and is fairly rigid, so we don’t recommend using it in areas where you are likely to be on your feet for long periods of time. Lastly, be sure to hire a professional to install your granite flooring. These heavy stones are also very brittle until they’ve been set and sealed, and can be easily chipped during installation.



Local Experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Lake!

Stone flooring is an elegant choice for Orlando homeowners. Keep in mind, stone is one of the more expensive flooring materials and may not be perfect for the largest room in your house. Whether you want indoor or outdoor flooring, full rooms or an accent, Floor Coverings International Winter Garden can help you pick the perfect stone. Call us today for a free in-home consultation and estimate!



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