Orlando CarpetCarpeting is available in literally hundreds of colors and styles. If you aren’t sure how to use it to enhance your home’s decor, consider the following ideas. They can give you the inspiration you need to turn a regular home into an extraordinary one. Read below for tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International Winter Garden!

Make it the Centerpiece

Carpet does not have to be a drab neutral color that blends in with the walls and furniture. You can make it the centerpiece of your home by choosing an attention-grabbing color or design. Red is a bright color option that will give any room a lively, vibrant appearance. Leopard or chevron prints can be classy and will almost certainly give a room a fun vibe. Alternatively, you can buy carpet tiles and create your own unique design in the room. This option is particularly ideal for rooms that get a lot of wear and tear as individual tiles can be easily replaced if they become stained or worn down.

Go for a Minimalist Look

Instead of using contrasting colors to enhance your room’s decor, use only one or two colors and give a room a minimalist look. For example, buy white carpeting for a room with white walls and then paint the furnishings black. Alternatively, you can buy white curtains and couches to match your white carpet, leaving only a few colorful items lying around to create a room that looks clean and relaxed.

Layer the Room

Wall to wall carpeting does not mean you can’t use area rugs. Area rugs can in many cases enhance the carpeting, adding extra color to any room. Furthermore, the area rugs can protect your new carpeting so that areas that get a lot of foot traffic don’t become worn down and stained. Consider the size of your room and the style of decor it is meant to have and use rugs together with carpeting to give your room a unique look.

Stick to Ordinary Carpeting

Carpeting does not have to define your room’s style of decor, nor does it have to be the centerpiece of the room. Buy a neutral color such as beige, cream, or light gray and then focus on other aspects of the room’s decor. Neutral colored carpeting is ideal if you have bright colored couches or curtains, a shelf with charming decorative items, or an amazing chandelier dangling from a high ceiling.

No one style of decor is better than another. As a homeowner, your focus should be on creating the environment that best suits your needs. If you are considering wall-to-wall carpeting for your home, think about the above-mentioned ideas to see which style of decor is best for you personally. Give us a call today to schedule your free in-home design consultation where we can help you select the perfect carpet for your home! We proudly serve the greater Orlando, Winter Garden, Windermere FL areas.

Photo Credit: Breadmaker